Quantcast Table 1-2.  Major Command Codes

T.O. 33B-1-1 1-10 Table 1-2.  Major Command Codes. Major Command Command Code US Air Forces Europe (USAFE) D Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) E Air Force Education and Training Command (AETC) J Air Force Reserve (AFRES) M Air Combat Command (ACC) T Air Mobility Command (AMC) Q Air Force Space Operations Command (AFSOC) S US Air Force Pacific (PACAF) R Air National Guard (ANG) Z Block 2 Organization and Base. Example:  62 MXS, McChord AFB, WA. Block 3 End Item (M/D/S). Enter  the  major  end  item  on  which  the  part/area  to  be  inspected  is  installed.    Include  the  Mission/Designator/Series (M/D/S) or Federal Stock Class (FSC) number, as applicable. Block 4 Nomenclature. Specify the name of item/component or assembly to be inspected. Block 5 Part/Assembly Number. Enter part or assembly number of the item to be inspected. Block 6 T.O. Number. Enter technical order number of illustrated parts manual or service and maintenance manual that shows item/assembly to be inspected.  Enter page, figure, index number and date of issue of the manual where applicable. Block 7 Next Higher Assembly. Enter   name   and   part   number   of   next   higher   assembly.      If   there   is   insufficient   space,   complete   the   entry   on   a continuation sheet of plain bond paper. Block 8 Manufacture/Serial Number. Enter manufacturer's name and serial number (if applicable). Block 9 Initiator and Phone Number. Enter name, rank and phone number of initiator or person who developed the technique. Block 10 Description of Defect/Condition or Reason for Inspection. Provide  a  narrative  description  of  defect/condition  or  reason  for  inspection.    Narration  should  include  location  and orientation of the discrepancy. Block 11 Place  a  check  mark  or  an  "X"  in  appropriate  block  indicating  whether  inspection  is  performed  with  part  installed  or removed.


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